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I help awesome humans build

game-changing companies.

I’m also a writer and a podcaster.

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Hi! I'm Gerrit.

I help startups grow and founders make good decisions. I’ve done it as a strategy consultant, startup founder, accelerator MD, founder-in-residence, board member, and startup coach.

I also help founders perform and feel their best. Going from athlete to burned out founder and back again (all before 40), I’ve been obsessed with finding flow as a founder like I do as an athlete. Now I share what I’ve learned with others.

Evidence-Based Performance Coach for Founders

Here's how I help.

Evidence-Based Performance Coach for Founders
Performance Coaching

I help founders perform and feel their best.

As a former competitive adventure sports athlete, serial entrepreneur, and PhD researcher of entrepreneurial flow states, I’ve been studying (and implementing) the science of human performance for over 30 years.

Performance Coaching Consultation
Gerrit McGowan 1:1 Coaching
Startup Advisory

I help startups make better decisions.

As a founder and advisor to dozens of venture-backed startups, I’ve helped to navigate obstacles, uncover blindspots and make good decisions that have led to the creation of thousands of jobs and billions in value.

Startup Advisory Consultation
Startup Neuroscience Weekly Newsletter
Thought Leadership

I translate science into actionable tactics.

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Here's a sample of what my clients say.

Namik AbdulzadeCofounder of Wunderkind

I highly recommend Gerrit as a peak performance/startup coach. Gerrit's mentorship has been pivotal for me both professionally and in fitness. His empathetic approach and insight into peak performance make him an invaluable coach.

Ren Yi HooiFounder of Lightning Reach

Gerrit has a genuine empathy and care for founders he works with, and encourages us to think about life and health in a more holistic way. I always look forward to our conversations and take away learnings from them.

Roberto ArroyoFounder of Construex

Gerrit has great experience working with founders, and he deeply understands the process to build a solid VC backed venture. I would recommend any founder to work with Gerrit. The startup journey is filled with challenges and its great to count with him as an adviser.

Frederik SteensgaardCofounder of BeCause

Gerrit draws upon his rich tapestry of experiences to offer a learning environment fostered to be both challenging and nurturing. If it wasn't for my fear of having to share Gerrit with too many other people, there wouldn't be a limit to how highly I would recommend him as a coach.

Lance JohnsonCofounder of Scale Advanced Biocomposites

Writing a recommendation for Gerrit is difficult, because the recommendation can't live up to the man. He is genuine, sincere, passionate, and will put every bit as much into coaching as you do into your business an amazing resource and human to have on your side.

Alex FreemanCofounder of Stance Fitness

Gerrit is an extraordinarily intelligent, perspicacious and thoughtful man with boundless energy and drive. He's one of those people that operates in a higher intellectual gear and has the ability to translate thoughts into articulate and persuasive arguments.

Maanas MedirattaCofounder of Bridged Media

Gerrit is a truly exceptional coach and I can't emphasize enough how I‘ve benefited from his
guidance. He excels in laying out various perspectives and helping you think critically about each
one, providing the guidance needed to make informed decisions without imposing his own bias.

Paul AppelCofounder of ECO2GROW

Gerrit is an absolute powerhouse entrepreneur and mentor, and a great human being with never
ending creative energy to discuss ideas or potential milestones for a venture. His straight forward
feedback and perspectives are helpful and often beneficially cleansing!

Harry NgFounder of GiveShop

Gerrit brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his personal experiences as a founder and investor. This allows him to understand the unique challenges a founder faces, and provide the relevant advice to navigate through them. He’s invaluable and what every CEO needs. We just need to figure out how to clone him.

Marco DassistiCofounder of Qualimero

I had the pleasure of working with Gerrit, over multiple years across two ventures. His guidance in scaling our early-stage ventures was invaluable and his advice played a crucial role in our fundraising success. Gerrit is a true asset to any startup looking to make a significant impact.

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